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4 Ways to Make Early Ejaculation Less Hurtful For Her

Believe it or not, but women don’t certainly like being left unsatisfied. According to Escorts in Perth, one of the things that ladies hate about their partners is early ejaculation. Why? That’s because they’re left hanging, with not even being satisfied fully. If in case you’re facing such issue, below are some ways on how to make it up to her. You know, to make things a little bit light. Check them out!

Don’t Ever Fake It Faking an orgasm is one thing, but faking not having an orgasm is probably even harder. There is evidence left behind after all. So don’t try to pretend it didn’t happen; just act like it didn’t. Instead of pausing to acknowledge it, just move on and keep the pleasure going by other means. Your penis does not have to be directly involved for sex to continue.

Just Try Again

No matter which of these reactions come to you at the moment of your untimely orgasm, you can save the situation by getting yourself together and starting from the beginning. If you can’t manage to get it up a second time, make sure she is happy for the night by using the other means at your disposal and giving her a repeat performance in the morning, which will be sure to last longer than the first.

Try to Distract Her

The best possible reaction to an early ejaculation on your part is to focus your attention on her pleasure, thereby distracting her from the fact that you’re already finished. If you’re using your mouth, hands or sex toys to please her, she won’t care when you had your orgasm.

Don’t Dare Give an Explanation

The phrase “this never happens to me” should not escape your mouth in this situation. She probably won’t believe it despite your insistence on the rarity of the occurrence. In fact, she might even think you doth protest too much. Believe it or not, women are aware that it happens every once in awhile. She doesn’t need an explanation.

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