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Canadian Study Surprisingly Reveals That Only 28% Of Women Today Love Giving Oral Sex

If you think that majority of women today like giving head, well perhaps you’d be surprised to hear the results of a recent Canadian study, which says that only 28% of women today actually love doing it! The Canadian researchers polled and analysed data from 500 straight college women regarding their most recent sexual encounters, and found that nearly 60% of them gave oral sex during the summer, but not even half of them enjoyed it. Here’s more on what the study

Only 28% Of women Surveyed Said Giving Head Was Pleasurable

While 60% of women surveyed admitted that they gave oral sex at least once during the summer, what’s weird is that only 28% of them said that doing it was considered very pleasurable. Just over half of women said giving head was “somewhat pleasurable”, while 17% said they didn’t enjoy giving oral sex at all! Perhaps you should ask your hookup partners, or your favourite Escorts in Perth to give you their most honest opinion about this issue!

Women May Only Be Doing It Out Of An Obligation

Here’s another surprising thing that was revealed by the Canadian survey – most women may only be giving head out of an obligation. Perhaps these women still see themselves as the common “givers” of oral sex, and men as the usual “receivers”.

These old-school roles or norms often make a woman feel like she has to perform oral, because she just has to do it. And if more women feel that they’re only doing it out of obligation, then the activity surely won’t be very fun for them. If this is the case, the researchers stress that guys should check with their female partners during sex, and ask her if she likes what’s happening, as well as reassure her of what feels good to you too.

However, the study also notes that both men and women are 17% more likely to give oral sex in the context of a serious, committed relationship, because they see oral sex as more intimate act than intercourse, and for them it’s a good way to express love to their partners.

Reciprocation Is Important

To ensure that it’s not just the men who are enjoying everything in bed, the Canadian researchers stress that reciprocation is important. This means that receiving oral sex may actually make women enjoy giving it more.  

This also indicates that women who receive oral sex are more likely to enjoy giving head, and find the activity pleasurable too, than women who didn’t have the favour returned! So, if you’d like your partner to enjoy giving head to you, then you should be doing the same thing to her too! Guess your favourite Escorts in Perth would be giving the same answers too!


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