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Escorts in Perth – If You Can’t Get a Girl, You May Be Too Much of a Feminine Guy

A bloke who’s in touch with his sensitive side is great, but did you know there’s a point where it becomes a turnoff for women, not to mention it turns them away? According to several ladies, including the babes at Escorts in Perth, you may have accidentally crossed the line from just being sensitive to being feminine.

So here are some signs to look out for, to make sure you don’t cross that line; once you do, whether you realise it or not, it’s hard to work your way back. Escort in Perth

  1. You care about your hair… a lot. Ladies pay attention to their luscious locks because it’s their crowning glory. That said, it’s perfectly okay to know what cuts look good on you. But if you practically stop going outside to keep that hair colour from fading, it’s a different story.


  1. You cry in front of people. No one’s saying that you have to hold your tears back when something upsets you. However, you have to choose the time and place. Sad as it is, society still expects men to keep their grief private. If it rarely happens, you likely don’t have anything to worry about. But if you tear up at romantic tearjerkers or at a friend’s sob story, that’s when you need to take a step back.


  1. You take an extremely long time to get ready. If you’re late to an appointment once in awhile, that’s fine – there are just some things you can’t control. How much time it takes to get ready is one of the things you can control. So if this is the reason you’re late to your dates, your companion won’t be too pleased, not to mention she’ll be thinking twice.


  1. You’re not the one driving. This is both literally and figuratively. It’s fine if you and your girl decide up front that she’s the designated driver for the evening. However, if your lady friend is constantly the one driving you around, it gets questionable. The same goes for if you hand a potential partner the reins in everything from where to grab dinner to which movie to see.


That said, if not all these signs show up, you’re still within “sensitive bloke” territory. Now if you’re still single and need some company that can appreciate your sensitive side, browse the gallery at Escorts in Perth!



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