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Escorts in Perth – Massage and Make Out to Make Her Wet

kbt6qzjPC7MSensual pleasure relies on a lot of things, including how relaxed each partner and, of course, their arousal as a result. The hot babes showcased in the gallery at Escorts in Perth know this, so they make it a point to help their partners unwind as much as possible.

There are times when the tables are turned, but still lead to highly desirable results.

The room was quiet, except for our breathing. Dark hair shimmered in the low light, ebony waves I knew were soft as silk. I remembered the last time we were together, her tresses trailing along my torso as she moved down my body, and I fought down a shiver of anticipation.

I was still surprised she’d accepted my offer of a back rub, but it was all going well, thank god, as I gently kneaded her shoulders, then worked my way down her back, her breathing turned to moans. I resisted the urge to play with her butt; that would come later. I gently stroked the smooth curves, earning a louder moan of disappointment and want, before moving to her legs.

On it went for some time, my hands and fingers exploring her body some more, finding areas I didn’t know could get her wanting it as much as she did now.

The next thing I knew, she was straddling me, her ass grinding in slow circles on my lap, breasts pressed up against my chest. Long fingers reached downwards, stroking and squeezing my cock, by now unbelievably hard, and pulsing to her touch.

Her hand moved up and down, agonisingly slow, while her other hand trailed up my torso, slipping under my shirt and tugging it up and over my head. All thoughts of finishing that back rub disappeared as I reached around, cupping her butt to pull her even closer. 

Lips still locked, I pulled down her panties. We barely moved apart, but I was still able to thrust myself into her warmth. Both of us groaned in pleasure at the moist, heated contact.  God, that was good

It was worth the wait.

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