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Escorts in Perth – Secrets to Longer-Lasting Sex

There’s no denying that, in our fantasies, sex lasts for hours. The reality, however, is far different – even if you’re with one of the lovely babes with Escorts in Perth. On average, it takes women anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes to orgasm, but sex typically lasts a little under 6 minutes. There are blokes who know how to last longer in bed, but despite that, the average is still a long way from pleasing the ladies.

It’s a good thing, then, that there are ways you can get sex to last longer. You won’t see any overnight results, but these techniques are still good to know, if only to improve how long you last in

  1. Switch positions. When you vary your position while having sex, you distract yourself long enough for you stay stimulated, but not enough that you go all the way back to square one. At the very least, you keep yourself from cumming too soon.
  2. Practice delayed orgasm. This will help improve your control of your ejaculation. You can wear thicker condoms, for example, or masturbate a few hours before you meet up with your girl. This will numb you somewhat down there and help you last longer.

You can help this along by masturbating until just before you release and then stop. Wait for a while for the stimulation to die down a little, then start again. Doing this should help you become more attuned to how you feel before you reach the Big O. That way, you’ll have a better idea about how to delay it.

  1. Get distracted. Men are verbal, visual creatures, so trying to keep yourself from cumming when you’re moaning in pleasure may seem insurmountable. Distract yourself during sex by taking a break mentally – solve a math problem, for instance, or think about work for a while. But don’t get too distracted that your boner goes soft.
  2. Engage in a lot of foreplay. Doing this makes sure that your partner is close to cumming when you finally penetrate her. Kiss her all over, stimulate her clit, play with her boobs, and generally get her nice and wet so she’s ready for the main course.

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