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Escorts in Perth – Sleazy Online Sex Games That You Should Download, And Play In Bed

Video games – don’t you just love playing them? Well, most of us are quite familiar with the great console games of the century, whether it’s X-Box, Sega, PlayStation or Nintendo. But if you’re already tired with playing stuff like Left For Dead, Need For Speed, Grand Theft Auto and other popular video games, and you’d like to delve on other sleazy stuff, well the good thing is that there are so many online sex games to choose from today. Here’s a sampling of a few of the really popular online sex games that you should download, and play in bed with your partner.

Hentai 3D 2

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, there were times when you were just so fascinated with watching those sleazy Japanese Hentai movies! Well, now you can continue to delve in your hentai fantasies in the comfort of your home, by playing the Hentai 3D 2 game, with your girlfriend, or even with your favourite Escorts in Perth!

Hentai 3D 2 is a fully interactive virtual sex game where you can control the action, get on the Asian girls and do whatever you wish with them. The game is even compatible with VStroker and Fleshlight devices, which make the game as real-life as possible, as you can easily connect them to your PC via USB.

The video game features a huge assortment of Asian girls, a large variety of males, and all the girls are fully customizable, and the game can be played in various locations too (from the bedroom to the “Garden of Desire”, to the “Demon’s Hideout” and more!). The game also has beautiful high-detailed graphics, life-like animations and stimulating sound (where the girls moan and groan, and talk dirty too!)


Girlvania is developed by Girlvanic Studios, and is a downloadable single-player sex game which focuses on lesbian sex simulations to be played offline. The game’s features include extremely easy handling, great good-looking graphics and more. The game features different locations like the rooftop, the beach house and the basement!

Players can even change the ambiance by location, whether it’s dawn, morning, night, sunset or whatever. You can even click on the furniture or whatever location, make your girl go there, and she’ll automatically arrange or pose herself at your desired spot, and you can have sex with her in different positions (and you can even do threesomes or foursomes!)

Well, we could have listed more, but we’d run out of space (or time) to list them all. Perhaps you should check out the various online sex games yourself, so you can play them by your lonesome, or with your favourite Escorts in Perth!


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