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Escorts in Perth – Three Ways Your Brain Can Affect Your Sex Life

Do you sometimes feel that the whole world is conspiring to ensure that the amount of time you spend having sex (or pleasuring yourself) never lives up to your expectations? Well, perhaps it could just be your brain messing things up, because according to mental health experts our own psychology is actually constantly working against us, and our heads are usually full of destructive or downright wrong ideas that we just can’t get past through. Here’s a look at three ways your brain can affect your sex life.

Our Brain Can Makes Us Jealous and Insecure in a Jiffy

Ask any guy or girl out the, yes including the lovely and hot  Escorts in Perth, if they suddenly feel jealous or insecure of their romantic partners, and you’ll be surprised to know that nearly of all them do feel like that always!

According to psychologists, someone’s attitude towards the other person in their relationship can be grouped into two ways – Some people have a secure attachment to their partner, where they feel safe and trust their significant other, while others have an insecure attachment, which means they’ll leave you a hundred text messages during the 3 hour your phone died, and you were at work!

Males Often Assume That Their Lady Friends Secretly Want to Have Sex With Them

Our brains often trick us into assuming a lot of stuff, most especially about sex or relationships! According to a recent study conducted in the US which seemed intent on proving what millions of men already insisted was true, it noted that men and women can’t ever be friends because they define the word “platonic” in vastly different ways.

The study asked two members of the same friendship about the benefits of the said relationship and the likelihood of the two people ever having sex in bed. The result was that the men were consistently much more sexually attracted to their female friends than vice versa!

Your Brain Makes You Objectify Women

According to psychologists, a guy will immediately know when a woman is being objectified if he only focuses on one body part! Well, guys who are certified douchebags often refer to a woman as a “piece of ass”, and of course you also see lots of porn sites that focus entirely on body parts!

However, it’s not just the porn mongers or catcalling construction workers who objectify women, because it’s all embedded in your brain too!  I hope you don’t objectify any of your hookup dates, or any of the hot and alluring Escorts in Perth!



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