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The Woman-On-Top Position – 3 Reasons Why Guys Really Love It

Perth EscortsOf the hundreds of sex positions, the woman-on-top pose is perhaps one of the top five techniques that men really love. It’s because they prefer seeing their partners wriggling and writhing on top, and they say it’s also one of the best positions for women to reach orgasm. And while it may require some balancing and stamina on the girl’s part, what women love about it is that they’re in control of how they wish to please the man below them. Here’s a look at a couple of reasons why many men love the woman-on-top technique.

The Cowgirl Position Lets Women Control The Pace

In a recent survey conducted by Men’s Health Magazine on 800 men, the woman-on-top or cowgirl position came in a close second to the doggie-style. It’s because men love seeing their spouses, girlfriends or Escorts in Perth ladies on top of them, and getting into it. It also allows men easy access to stimulating her with their fingers and hands.

The cowgirl method also allows women to effectively control the pace, and take the lead. And with the absolutely stunning view, men can easily touch and caress their partner’s breasts, bust and genital area too.

The Guy’s Dick Gets Constant Simulation

With the cowgirl position, the guy’s penis also gets better and more constant stimulation, as well as the woman’s clitoris. The guy can also further heighten his partner’s stimulation by moving his hands across her butt or back, to gently pull her closer to his body, and thereby increase contact.

In addition, the guy can also use his hands to touch the woman’s face (and other areas) that she enjoys being fondled or touch.  But if the woman climaxes first, and the guy is still not on the verge of blowing up, the woman could switch to a thrusting motion

The Penis Is Perfectly Angled To Hit the G-Spot

One of the best things about the woman-on-top position is that it aligns or angles the penis to directly hit the woman’s G-spot, as well as deeply penetrate her vagina.  It also enables women to rub her pussy lips up and down the base of the guy’s erect penis, which should feel great for both of them.

And if both partners angle their bodies appropriately, the woman can rub her clitoris up and down the guy’s penis, and make her orgasm quickly. And although women won’t have that much access to the man’s body, what’s good is that she can control the pace and rhythm, and thus make the sex last a little bit longer, and give both partners better and more explosive orgasms.

While there may be something fetishistic about men fantasizing their woman (or preferred Escorts in Perth ladies) riding on top, and shredding his chest and belly with her nails, men also like the cowgirl pose because it allows them to communicate with her through facial expressions, and lots of dirty talk. And as both partners near their orgasms, the thrusts become harder and faster too.


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