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Fetishes Are Common But How About Urinating Inside Her?

Have you ever tried urinating on or inside your partner in the sack? There are those who love doing this as they get turned on, without fear of getting infected. But, is the fetish really safe?

Urine play during your bedroom romping is also known by other terms such as golden showers, water-sports or urolagnia. Like most sex and health therapists, Escorts in Perth also believe that urinating on somebody during intercourse is generally safe. A fetish is a powerful, intense sexual arousal most commonly aimed at non-sexual objects like shoes, and body parts like butt. In reality, different individuals experience sensual highs through different things or manner, for instance, urinating on other individuals which they find sexually-fulfilling. But, peeing inside your mate? Let’s hear what the experts have to say regarding this.

Getting Some Pee On Somebody Isn’t A Cause For Worry

According to a certified sex therapist, urine is typically sterile, however, if you have something like a bladder infection, then your fluid may contain some bacteria. On the other hand, if you’re sure you’re perfectly healthy and without any bacterial infection whatsoever, then urine play isn’t something you have to worry about. It’s all the more pleasurable if you and your mate both agree on the act!

Nonetheless, your only worry would be, if the liquid messes with her vaginal pH level, the normal level of which is between 3.8 and 4.5. A normally healthy pussy is naturally acidic, with acidity and the amount of bacteria in balanced amounts. Now, this is the vagina’s natural defence against yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.

Truth is, vaginal pH can be affected by lots of things including semen. Yet, if it’s merely a negligible amount appearing in urine, then it wouldn’t cause much trouble.

Not All Vaginas Are Created Equal

Of course, not all babes are the same, hence, vaginas are also ‘not created equal’. Meaning, some are more susceptible to bacterial infections while others are sturdy. If your ladylove is somewhat on the former side, then, it’s better to stay away from golden showers. Yet, if she has never experienced any irritation while you we’re doing it, then water-sports should never be a problem.

Then again, some gals don’t find it irritating at the first or succeeding instance but, they do later on when receiving it frequently. Be on the lookout on how your girl reacts once being peed inside in the heat of things.

Just a reminder, if you’ve endured any bladder infection in the past, seeing your doctor first would be smart. Better yet, get tested and be certified clean before peeing inside her during coupling, to be sure. If you can’t get it on with your inamorata, be glad there are the fiery Escorts in Perth who are game in all kinds of fetishes.



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