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How Are Sexual Desire & Love Related: A Look At How The Brain Works

Why are there couples who remain steadfast in their love for one another as the years go by? Of course, when they were younger, sexual desire must have been intense, and the lust surprisingly turned into ‘pure love’ in the end!

At this stage, would you ever imagine yourself growing old with your dear beloved? Or, do you just intend a short-time hookup with any of the irresistible Escorts in Perth to satisfy your libido?

Escort in PerthUnderstanding Sex, Lust And Love

There had been some studies done that looked into how the brain works, showing some association between sex, lust and love. One finding is that, long-term couples showed activity in areas of the brain that are associated with attachment that manifested greater calmness and less tension. Therefore, they become securely attached, and without the tendency to feel scared of being abandoned.

Their urge to have more coitus had a connection to greater activity in the posterior hippocampus — a part of the brain that’s associated with cravings, hunger and obsession as well. This suggests that romantic love is seemingly different from sexual attraction although the two are attached to each other.

With such finding, couples better strive to build a strong romantic bond early on so that in the end, their union could fight back the challenges of aging plus family development!

So, what is now the connection between desire and love?

The answer remains elusive to this day, as this question has baffled many a relationship scientist and couples therapist. To shed some light about the differences and similarities between sexual desire and love, researcher Jim Pfaus, professor of psychology at Concordia University, co-authored a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

It appears that desire and love activate particular yet, related areas in the brain. Two brain structures called insula and striatum are in charge of following the movement from sexual desire to love, of which the two turn out to activate various areas of the striatum.

That part of the brain activated by sexual desire is activated by things pleasurable like food or intercourse. On the other hand, the brain part activated by love is involved in the conditioning process by which things paired with pleasure or reward are assigned inherent value. The process of sexual desire progressing into love is processed in a specific area in the striatum, which surprisingly, is also the same part associated with drug addiction.

As explained by the researcher, love becomes a habit formed when sexual desire is rewarded, in ways similar to how the brain works when people get addicted to drugs.

Starting to get confused? Don’t be. What’s important here is that you take care of your brain since it’s the source of all the sensations when you get frisky with your girl or the seductive Escorts in Perth.



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