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How To Get Sexually Connected Again

In this modern day and age, couples get easily ‘disconnected’ for varied reasons. Lover’s quarrels take place every so often and afterwards, they stop relating to each other, when everything else fails. The level of intimacy between the two individuals involved is the one most affected.

How about you – have you been disconnected with your lover? With someone as irresistible as the eye-catching Escorts in Perth, you’d surely do all you can to save the sexual connection.

www.escortsinperth.comMost sex and relationship experts would agree that the reason most couples see them for consultation is that they have drifted apart because of old age. Why? As they age, the sexual spark they once had when they were honeymooning is now waning. Pretty much a problem! And yet, they say that it’s possible to gain back that spark.

Ways To Sexually Reconnect

The easiest way to re-introduce intercourse into your relationship is called “Top Down”. Disregard thinking about the last time you banged, just do it! Whether it was ages since your last missionary, just dive right smack into coupling because they say that if you think and feel sex, your entire body, thoughts and feelings included, gets aroused.

On the other hand, the opposite approach is called “Bottom Up”. This entails lots of efforts in putting the friendship back again and lots of physical but non-sexual affection. Later on, you can blend erotic touching on every nook and cranny, until you’re both fired up for the main act.

Get Professional Help

For the libido to ebb with age is a normal and healthy part of life. However, if the dry spell has been going on for the longest time, you might need professional help should you want to be sexually connected to each other again.

But before you do that, recall if there was any moment in your sexual life when you have stopped communicating to each other, and your coital frequency was dropping. Once any illness comes and you’re thriving on medication, your life may go on without any sexual intimacy at all, for years.

Being ‘sexually crippled’ by a health issue will lead to less bedroom acts plus reduced libido. This, coupled with unresolved feelings of bitterness, serious feuds, ill-effects of medication all contribute to sexual doldrums. Hence, professional help is necessary, and perhaps, the expertise of the seasoned Escorts in Perth would allay the problem a bit!



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