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Escort in Perth – Hiring Escorts Made Simple

The idea of paying for companionship and sex isn’t a new one, since it’s mentioned or hinted at in certain texts. Some countries have since made a few aspects of the sex industry legal – escorting, for example – but there are blokes who are still unsure of how to go about hiring the girl […]

Escorts in Perth – If You Can’t Get a Girl, You May Be Too Much of a Feminine Guy

A bloke who’s in touch with his sensitive side is great, but did you know there’s a point where it becomes a turnoff for women, not to mention it turns them away? According to several ladies, including the babes at Escorts in Perth, you may have accidentally crossed the line from just being sensitive to […]

How Are Sexual Desire & Love Related: A Look At How The Brain Works

Why are there couples who remain steadfast in their love for one another as the years go by? Of course, when they were younger, sexual desire must have been intense, and the lust surprisingly turned into ‘pure love’ in the end! At this stage, would you ever imagine yourself growing old with your dear beloved? […]

Escorts in Perth – Don’t Underestimate Your Libido

It’s automatic for most of us to compare ourselves to others in many different aspects of life. And when we find ourselves short of the comparison, unhappiness sets in. This reality also holds true for sexual urge and libido, which vary from one person to another and at different ages and stages in life. For […]

Escorts in Perth – Three Ways Your Brain Can Affect Your Sex Life

Do you sometimes feel that the whole world is conspiring to ensure that the amount of time you spend having sex (or pleasuring yourself) never lives up to your expectations? Well, perhaps it could just be your brain messing things up, because according to mental health experts our own psychology is actually constantly working against […]

Escorts in Perth – Secrets to Longer-Lasting Sex

There’s no denying that, in our fantasies, sex lasts for hours. The reality, however, is far different – even if you’re with one of the lovely babes with Escorts in Perth. On average, it takes women anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes to orgasm, but sex typically lasts a little under 6 minutes. There are […]

Escorts in Perth – Three Things To Do on Valentine’s Day That Aren’t Cheesy or Crappy

In case you still aren’t picking up on the subtle hints you girlfriend has been whispering into your ear or texting you (or you don’t really have a girlfriend), here’s the message loud and clear – Valentine’s Day is coming! And if you still don’t have an idea on what to do this day, here […]

Fetishes Are Common But How About Urinating Inside Her?

Have you ever tried urinating on or inside your partner in the sack? There are those who love doing this as they get turned on, without fear of getting infected. But, is the fetish really safe? Urine play during your bedroom romping is also known by other terms such as golden showers, water-sports or urolagnia. […]

Escorts in Perth – The Coolest Apps for Finding Friends-With-Benefits in 2016

If the telephone was the best way for flirting with potential hookup partners or friends-with-benefits ten years ago, and Facebook was the social media platform of choice a few years back, now anyone can flirt with potential hookup partners anytime and anywhere, through their smartphones – through the various hookup apps! So what were the […]

Escorts in Perth – Finding The Perfect Match Is Easy

Been dreaming of going to bed with one of those popular Escorts in Perth? Your weekends should be exciting and unforgettable with the versatile and sexy sirens. Imagine this happening in your own room: She’s already undressing as you enter the room and instantly, your eyes are glued to her gorgeous tits, more so her […]

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