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Tips for Flirting for Shy People

In a perfect world, everyone could be smooth talkers, able to turn on the charm and flirt easily with any person they fancy. Sadly, that’s not how things work, and the ladies at Escorts in Perth have seen their share of blokes who are too shy or awkward to start a conversation with a girl they like.

If you’re one of those, you don’t have to accept your fate and give up on finding a partner. There are ways for you to flirt and strike up a conversation, no matter how awkward you see yourself as. Here are a few of

  1. Act quick. Want to start talking to that hot colleague you know is single, but you’re too shy to do so? Gather your courage and take the really aggressive approach by telling her you like her, and leave it at that.

Not only will you have complimented her, but by getting straight to the point, you didn’t give your awkward side a chance to catch up until after the confession happened. Now the ball’s in  her court, and it’s up to her how to react to what you said.

  1. Go out and have fun. If you’d rather stay home and watch films or play games, that’s fine – but it still gets in the way of your chances of finding a potential partner. You don’t have to go to a bar or a party with that mindset, however. Instead, go out to enjoy yourself, and you’ll catch the eye of a babe who was on the lookout for someone like you.
  1. Spruce up your appearance. The saying goes that you should dress to impress; for socially awkward or shy folk, it helps for your outfit to do the talking. Make sure it complements your personality and doesn’t give off a different feel from how you usually are. Just because you’re a shy person doesn’t mean you can’t wear a ‘loud’ outfit, right?

All that said, you don’t have to pull out any one-liners if you can’t think of one, nor do you have to sound witty. It all boils down to the object of your affection, how compatible you apparently are with each other, and how the conversation goes.

If you need to practice, look through the gallery at Escorts in Perth to find the perfect partner for you.



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